Truth Serum by Scheer Law Group, LLP

Ep 4: The Biggest Issue Facing Landlords, Lenders and Investors in Residential Real Estate

July 1, 2021

Many are forecasting inflation, even run-away inflation as a result of massive government stimulus and money printing. Quietly, however, a growing number of economists are predicting deflation, including deflation of the residential RE market. In the legal segment, Spencer will examine massive hidden stimulus resulting from legal roadblocks to enforcement of lender and landlord rights, and why continuation of eviction, foreclosure and payment moratoriums may be signaling residential real estate deflation and a recession.

No interview this month in this abbreviated episode, with a special interview in our next Episode.

In our final segment, we will take a detour from our WHERE IS THE LOVE segment and will travel to the BIZZARO WORLD to look at just how far things have changed since the official onset of the pandemic last year.


Disclaimer:  None of the legal, or financial opinions or information  expressed in this podcast may be relied on as legal, or investment advice by Scheer Law Group, LLP.  Laws and economic issues  affecting the subjects of this podcast change daily. This mandates  specific review of legal or economic issues of interest or concern to you with legal counsel or financial advisors who are experienced in the areas of law or finance discussed in this podcast.

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