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Ep 6: Economic Expert A. Gary Shilling: Deflation? Residential Real Estate Ready to Tank? Bonds Still Best Bet?

August 17, 2021

Hear it now before it happens! Spencer interviews preeminent economist A. Gary Shilling!

Our Legal Segment takes you faster than the “Speed of Fright” and gives
headlines of new and proposed laws affecting Lenders, Landlords and Investors.

Finally, in our Where is the Love Segment: Listen in as Spencer finishes his interview of America: Election fraud, the death penalty, marijuana use and racism are some of the subjects of big concern to America. Find out what Americans have to say if they were President of the U.S. for one day and could do one thing to make this country better.


Disclaimer:  None of the legal, or financial opinions or information  expressed in this podcast may be relied on as legal, or investment advice by Scheer Law Group, LLP.  Laws and economic issues  affecting the subjects of this podcast change daily. This mandates  specific review of legal or economic issues of interest or concern to you with legal counsel or financial advisors who are experienced in the areas of law or finance discussed in this podcast.


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